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5 Questions To Ask Your Builder

If you are planning on building a custom house, choosing the right custom builder can be overwhelming, particularly if it's your first house. How do you know that the builder is professional enough to meet your expectation? Well, we've compiled the five questions that you should ask your custom builder before hiring them to assess their capabilities.
Ask about their resumé.
Hiring a custom builder is similar to hiring long-term employees. Before settling on a custom builder, you should have an in-depth assessment of their background data. Request information regarding previous projects, years of experience and the skill level.
Having your custom builder's resume at your fingertip is vital, as it allows the property owner to have some rudimentary understanding of what to expect from the custom builder.
Can you provide me with a project timeline?
Before settling on a custom builder, ask if the firm is in a position to provide you with the project start and completion date, and also the dates of some of the major milestones. Ideally, a professional company can assess the whole project and can provide you with precise a construction schedule.
Also, the company should also provide you with the list of everything that is required to make the whole construction process a success.
How do you handle change orders?
During the construction process, no one wants to talk about the change of order. Change of order causes a lot of friction between the client and the construction firm since it tags along with the change in initial pricing, schedule and is inconveniencing.
However, change of order is bound to happen in any construction. The custom builder should be able to set clear of what guidelines they follow in such an instance and appropriately address the details of the whole process.
What sets you apart from the rest of the custom builders?
A construction company should be able to spell out all the features or abilities that make them a standout from the rest. Whether it's quality work, professionalism, technology, or manpower, the company should illustrate what makes them unique for the work.
How much do you charge?
The cost question can be a determining factor on whether you hire the company or not. A professional custom building company should offer a reasonable pricing, that does not have any hidden prices whatsoever.

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