Windmill Homes was presented with

the 2019 Parade of Homes “Blue Ribbon Award”

for their “The Wooddale” home

Buying a Home? Don't Skip the Inspection!

Buying a home is usually a significant investment in most people’s lives and getting a home without any flaws is the most desired wish for home buyers. However, this cannot be achieved without the help of a professional home inspector who will make sure you have found a "dream home" without any flaws. Home inspections are the only way you can ensure that your new home-to-be has not been wonderfully decorated to accentuate its finest features and hide its potential shortcomings.

What is often inspected?

There are different areas in the home that the inspector will take a look at, which include: 

  • Basement: a home inspector will detect any moisture problems in your home, look for any water leakage problem in the ceiling and floor, cracks in the walls, and check any evidence of rotting wood and the house foundation.
  • Plumbing: the home inspection will include the examination of the plumbing system around your house and especially in the bathroom and kitchen to ensure there is no leakage and mildew formation.
  • Attic: in this area, the home inspector will look for water leakage and its walls and ceiling to identify any damages.
  • Electrical: the inspector will ensure that the fuse box or the main breaker box in your house is in good condition. He/she will also check the conditions of all the electrical outlets in the house as well.
  • Exterior: the following parts of your exterior house will be inspected, and they include shingles, gutters, house foundation, drainage issues, sprinkler system and the condition of the walkways.
  • Ceiling, floors, and walls: they will be checked if they are in proper shape, and they are not cracking or weak.
  • The home inspector will also look for the heating and air conditioning system and the garage as well.

It is important to ensure that your home inspector is certified and in the states where there is no certification for this professional you should look if they are members of Association of Home Inspectors or any other organization. Get a home inspection and ensure that you live in a ‘dream house’ free from any flaws.

If you're new in the home market and are looking for custom built homes or new houses for sale, contact Windmill Homes today! 

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