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The 5 Most Popular Architectural Styles For Homes

With different distinguishing elements and diverse forms, architecture has really developed from the beginning. Architectural styles tend to reflect the culture and go according to the climatic conditions of the region they are used. From the first creations for shelter in the Neolithic times, architecture now has so many styles of which some are more popular than others. Here are some of the most popular styles.

Cape Cod Style

This style emerged in the US around the 17th century but originally originated from England and stands as an example of British influence over the US. This style provides the best defense against cold weather and storms in England. This style has a low and broad frame, one front door with two windows on both sides of the door, a chimney and a steep roof.

Art Deco

At the end of the First World War in the early 20th century, this style emerged from France combining geometrical shapes, artistic talent of French Gothic style and present day imagery. This style has smooth fine plaster walls, bold exterior decorations, rounded corners and a flat roof.


This style emerged in the early 20th century which draws attention to effortless forms and natural materials like sticks, woods, and stones. They were formed from the Arts and Craft movement. They are characterized by built-in furniture, exposed beams and large fireplaces on the inside while the outside has low roofs and wide front porches.


A lot of people think about this style and modern architecture as one and the same. They have different appearances and designs but seem to connect outdoors and indoors. Tall panes of glasses and plenty natural light is usually used with energy efficient and sustainable materials.


This style is very popular with history and had many variations when it emerged in the 1600’s. there is a symmetry in this style. They usually have big chimneys, evenly spaced shutter windows, dormers, and columns.

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